Wal-Mart deals

If you live near a Wal-Mart (and it's pretty safe to say that most people do) you should definitely check your Wal-Mart to see if they have any baby deals going on right now. The Wal-Mart closest to me rarely has super cheap sales (the kind outside the store) but I found one in Springfield last week. We were in Springfield for my husbands doctor appointment and happened to run by Wal-Mart, outside the store there were racks of baby clothes for $1! They also had a few other items but mostly smaller (girly!) baby clothes. Here is what I got:

Most of these were for Mikaela, although there are some boy onesies there for our pregnant cousin too. I didn't need any clothes for Mikaela now, so I bought some for next summer, and even a few for the NEXT summer! They were very cute clothes too, and at that price you really can't go wrong. It's hard to buy cheaper clothes even at yard sales or consignment stores.
I also got these, the hoodie and long sleeved shirt were for me and the jacket was for my mom. Also just $1 each! I had meant to go to Walgreens and use some coupons for a few things but they were out (end of the week) of most of there sale items. The Wal-Mart deals definitely made up for that. I am attempting to use coupons combined with store sales for bigger savings. I'm not much of a "couponer" but I am hoping to learn. If you are interested in doing this, check out this site. It has links to all the bigger stores as well as which coupons to use for maximum savings. It also has links to grocery store deals in your state. Check it out!


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