Munchkin Snack Catcher Review

During the Amazon coupon promotions I happened to find these Munchkin snack catchers. Many of the reviews say they were used for younger toddlers (around one year) but I use them for my three year old. Kids can be pretty messy, especially in the car! These snack catchers are perfect because they don't spill but little hands can still get to the snacks easily. They are just over $6 for two. They certainly aren't the most natural thing and might not be great for families trying to cut back their plastic useage. That being said they are BPA free, reusable, and really nice to have around. :) Some of the reviewers on Amazon said that they didn't like that the snack catchers didn't come with a solid lid. Honestly it's never been an issue for us and I never thought about it until I read it. I wish they come in more colors (they don't, at least not in the 2 pack) but other than that I rate these 9/10! They are convenient and easy for toddlers/preschoolers to use. I would highly recommend them.

**Note: I have not been compensated in any way by Munchkin for my review of the snack catchers. This is something that I bought myself and my personal opinion on this really cool product!**


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