Clean House Challenge Progress: Day 1 - 3

So, I've discovered a few things in the last three days while cleaning my kitchen.

1) I have entirely too much fabric. In fact, it has taken over my kitchen! We have a very small home, so I use the kitchen table to set up my sewing machine, when we're not eating. Anyway, I think it's about time I get back to sewing up some more reusable snack bags. That way I can use up a bunch of my fabric. So, after talking to Amy about my fabric explosion she suggested that we have a Reusable Snack Bag Giveaway. This will be coming soon, so keep on the lookout for your chance to win!

2) My kitchen is way too crowded. It only has about 10' x 7.5' of usable floor space. I have a round kitchen table with four chairs that takes up about 5' x 5' of that space, a microwave cart (due to no counter space) that takes up 4' of our only open wall, and a highchair that takes up the rest of that wall. The problem is, we bought the table and chairs for our dining room in the townhouse we used to rent. Then we bought this house, lost a dining room, and had no money to buy a new (square or rectangular set). I know a square or rectangular set would fit better, since I could put it up against the wall. Anyway, we don't have the extra money to get a new set, so I'll have to deal with it.

3) I have every single; bottle, sippy cup, nipple, and pacifier you could ever imagine. I guess I saved everything for Jake figuring that if I got rid of it, he'd be picky. So, I guess I'll be getting rid of all of the bottles I have in the next few months. I moved Luke to a sippy cup by his 1st birthday, and I intend to do the same with Jake. The funny thing is, Jake has used the same 5-6 bottles since birth, and never used a pacifier. Why do I still have them? Maybe I'm a hoarder?! Lol...

How is your progress coming? Is your house getting cleaner? Can you see your floors now? Are you de-cluttering for Spring?

Keep up the good work! My progress pictures will be coming soon!


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