My Latest Swag from Swagbucks!

I snagged a bracelet from the Swag Store last week, and wanted to show off just how pretty it is. I'm a huge bracelet nut, and I never spend any Swagbucks on myself, so I figured I deserved it. My husband (of course) was thrilled that it was free!

It's the Pearl Elastic Bracelet in the Jewelry section of the Swag Store. Mine isn't picture in the store, but I love it! It says it comes in assorted colors and shapes. I was kind of worried, since you can't choose the color you want, but I was very happy with their choice! Plus, it was only 379 SB, so it was totally worth it! It's very well made and can be dressed up or worn with a pair of jeans.

I know a lot of people only use their Swagbucks for Amazon gift cards, but there really is some great swag in the store. When I get Amazon gift cards, I always end up using the cards on stuff for the boys. So why not get something nice for myself for a change?

Let's see your swag!


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