Petunia Farms Natural Soaps - Save Up To 50%

Petunia Farms is offering their natural soaps for up to 50% off for 3 days only, if you purchase through No More Rack. Available in packs of 6 bars each. You can choose from:

- Handmade Exfoliating Soap Bars Oatmeal Milk and Honey ($18.00)
- Handmade Natural Mixed Soaps ($18.00)
- Sophisticated Handmade Natural Soap ($18.00)
- Lemongrass Natural Handmade Soap ($18.00)
- Soap Poochie All Natural Dog Soap ($18.00)
- Handmade Patchouli Soap Bars ($18.00)
- Handmade Sage and White Tea Soap Bars ($18.00)
- Especially For Her Handmade Soap ($18.00)
- Handmade Natural Gardener's Soap ($20.00)

These deals come out to between $3-$4 per bar. For all natural soaps at this weight, this is a great deal!

Handheld Electronic Encyclopedia Only $14.99 With Free Shipping

For the older kids that are getting ready to go back to school, this is a great thing to have. The Pandigital WikiReader Handheld Electronic Encyclopedia features the full Wikipedia catalog preloaded and updateable. The palm sized encyclopedia contains the entire English Wikipedia covering 3 million topics, which is equivalent to more than 1,000 volumes. No internet connection is required, so they can take it with them anywhere. It features an LCD touchscreen, virtual QWERTY keyboard, Search, History, and Random buttons, a parental control option, and a mirco SD/SDHC card slot (along with a 4GB MicroSD card). It also comes with a 1 year warranty. So, if you have a middle or high school aged child, I would suggest picking this up. For less than $15, you can't beat it! There is only 45% left in stock, so hurry and grab yours now!

Constellation Turtle Nightlight Only $15 Shipped

Today only, 1 Sale A Day is offering the Constellation Turtle Nightlight for just $9.99 plus shipping ($4.99 per item)! That's less than $15 shipped. If you've seen these elsewhere, they can cost anywhere from $30-$60. Right now, you can get it in Pink, Green, or Brown for a fraction of the retail price. The Music & Star Constellation Turtle Nightlight features four colored light modes and four musical selections. It comes with a one year warranty as well. If your child has a birthday coming up, or you want to save this for a Christmas gift, I would head over and grab one. The sale ends at 11:59PM tonight. 

No More Rack is having a similar sale on the same item. They are offering the Constellation Turtle Nightlight for just $13.00 plus shipping ($2.00 per item). So, you will save $0.02 if you purchase through 1 Sale A Day, but No More Rack is offering the turtle in Orange as well. So, if you have a child that desperately loves the color orange, I would recommend purchasing through No More Rack. Also, this sale ends at 11:59AM on August 1st. 

Awesome Blossom Cloth Diaper Sale

Breathtaking Pink - $9.99
If you are new to cloth diapering, or just looking to add to the stash that you already have, at these prices, you should definitely check out the Awesome Blossom deal going on at Zulily today. If you don't have a Zulily account yet, you can sign up here. Zulily is a daily deal site just for moms. They offer deals for moms, babies, and kids at a fraction of the cost everyday. Some of their deals are definitely worth the free sign up. Also, make sure you sign up for the Daily Events through your Email Preferences page. If you don't, you could miss out on some great deals!

Take these Awesome Blossom cloth diapers for example. If you bought this One Size Breathtaking Pink Pocket Cloth Diaper from the Awesome Blossom store, it would cost you $19.99! But, today you can get it for 50% off from Zulily for only $9.99! What a steal!

Happy Forest Owls - $10.99
Your probably thinking, "Yeah, yeah... That color is great, but I want some cute prints to add to my stash!". Well, Zulily has those too. What about this One Size Happy Forest Owls Pocket Cloth Diaper that is regularly $21.99, and Zulily has for only $10.99 today!

I would definitely hurry if you plan on purchasing some, because at these prices, they are going fast! The Microfiber Inserts are already sold out, and it looks like the Wet Bags will probably be next at the awesome price of only $10.99!

If you don't know anything about the Awesome Blossom brand, and want to read about their cloth diapers before you buy, you can check out the Reviews & Testimonials section of their website. So, head on over as fast as you can and start adding the diapers you want to your shopping basket, because I have a feeling they won't be available till the end of the sale.


The Hot Fluff Cool Baby Giveaway: Still Accepting Entries!

Don't forget to fill out some more entries before The Hot Fluff Cool Baby Giveaway ends! You can find out everything you need to know about it here. It ends at 11:59PM EST on July 31, 2012 (which is tomorrow), so if you haven't entered yet, head over and do it now!

Swiss Gear Backpacks are only $10! Free In-Store Pickup!

Office Depot has a great $10 deal on Swiss Gear Backpacks right now. You can place your order online and choose in-store pickup. The only downside to this offer is that they come in assorted colors, but you don't get to choose your color. The three colors are black, black/blue, and black/pink. What I would do is, when I get there to pick it up, I'd just ask the store associate if there were any other color choices.

* Remember to shop through your Ebates account, to earn 2% cash back.

FREE Sample of Garnier Fructis Fall Fight Shampoo & Conditioner

Head on over to request your free sample of Garnier Fructis Fall Fight Shampoo and Conditioner. I don't know how many they plan to give out, or when this offer will end, but I was just able to request mine. So, go ahead and fill out the form and you should expect to see your free sample in your mailbox in about 6-8 weeks. Enjoy! :-)

Crayola Crayons are just $0.25 each at Toys "R" Us

Talk about a great deal on back to school supplies! If you haven't gone to Toys "R" Us to pick up this great deal yet, you should definitely do it now! You can stock up on the Crayola 24-ct Crayons for 4 for $1.00! This is an amazing deal, considering the crayons are regularly $1.29 a pack! Go stock up now, because you aren't going to see a price like this again for a while. All you need to do is go to your local Toys "R" Us and buy them. There are no coupons or online deals. This is for in-store purchases only.


Free Sample of Nescafe Memento

If you're a coffee drinker, head on over to the Nescafe website and request your free sample of Nescafe's new Memento foam-capped coffee house drink. Just go to the website, and fill out the request form, and expect to see your sample in your mailbox in about 6-8 weeks. Enjoy! :-)

BabyLegs Buy 1 Get 3 FREE Summer Blowout Sale

BabyLegs is having their huge summer blowout sale right now. This is an amazing sale. If you've ever tried the brand BabyLegs, you know how great they are, but how pricey they can be. During this sale, you can get 4 pairs for the price of 1! That's right...buy one pair, get three free! It doesn't stop there either. There is NO limit to how many pairs you can get for free!

Buy 1... Get 3 FREE, Buy 2... Get 6 FREE, Buy 3... Get 9 FREE ... and so on!

Don't wait, because styles and colors are going fast! Stock up for birthdays, Christmas, and baby showers. These are a great gift idea!

FREE Sample of Jelly Kids Vitamins!

I know I have been listing a ton of freebies recently, but who doesn't love free stuff?!? Well, here's another one. Head on over to Jelly Kids website and request your free sample of vitamins. Just fill out the form with your information and you'll receive your free sample in about 3-4 weeks. Enjoy!

10 More Pampers Gifts to Grow Points!

Pampers Gifts to Grow has another new code for 10 points in celebration of the Olympics! The code is FBOLYMPICS72712. Go ahead and add it into your account, or join now if you don’t have one yet. Hurry and enter the code, because it expires on 7/31/12.

If your child is in Pampers diapers or Easy-Ups, you definitely need a Gifts to Grow account. You can redeem the points for gift cards, or prizes for yourself or your baby!

FREE Sample of Disney Huggies Pull-Ups!

If you haven't already, you need to head on over to the Costco website right now and grab your FREE sample of Disney Huggies Pull-Ups before they're gone. If your child isn't potty training yet, save them for later. They are giving away Cars 2 designs for boys and Cinderella and Minnie Mouse designs for girls. You can choose from three sizes as well. You don't even have to be a Costco member to receive your free sample.

Just follow the link above, and click on the "Get a Sample" button. Once their, fill out your information, and you'll receive your free sample in about 3-4 weeks.


15 Pampers Gifts to Grow Points!

Pampers Gifts to Grow has a new code for 10 points and an additional code for 5 points! The code for 10 points is JUlSUMNl12SPNMR, and the code for an additional 5 points is TWIT712PT4XD912. Go ahead and add them into your account, or join now if you don’t have one yet. Hurry and enter the codes, because they both expire on 7/26/12.

If your child is in Pampers diapers or Easy-Ups, you definitely need a Gifts to Grow account. You can redeem the points for gift cards, or prizes for yourself or your baby!

Potty Training a Cloth Diapered Baby

There is quite an abundance of cloth training pants available on the market today. Unfortunately, the price can be a bit steep, considering you don't know how well they work. With my oldest son, we tried everything from cloth training pants to Pull-Ups. We finally found the perfect combination, and got him 100% potty trained in less than a week.

Gerber Training Pants
When he was finally ready to sit and attempt to pee on the potty, we picked up some Gerber Training Pants from Walmart for about $8, and he loved the designs of little cars and footballs. He thought they were the coolest big boy underwear in the world. They are great, because they are thicker than underwear, but not too thick that your child won't feel wet if they pee themselves. 

We also bought some Gerber All-in-One Training Pants for $12 for bedtime. They work great. They aren't too bulky, but bulky enough in case he has an accident, he doesn't get all wet.

Gerber All-in-One Training Pants
We actually got very lucky while potty training Luke, because he picked it up the second day of training, and hasn't worn a diaper, or Pull-Up and hasn't had an accident since then. He thinks it's the coolest thing to be able to wear big boy underwear and go on the big potty like Mommy and Daddy. Every once in a while, if we're going on a long car ride, I'll put him in one of the All-in-One's, but he never goes in them. Also, if he's running low on underwear, and I need to do laundry, the Training Pants are a decent substitute. Of course, now that he has Toy Story, Cars, Nemo, Star Wars, Thomas, and Star Wars underwear, the little cars and football designs aren't comparable, but they work in a pinch.

Also, a word to the wise. When it does come time to buy your little one big kid underwear, do not go to Walmart expecting to get a deal, because you won't. Underwear is so expensive! I scoured the clearance sections of TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Ross, and Burlington Coat Factory to find 3 packs marked down to $3 and 5 packs marked down to $4-$5. Do not, I repeat, do not spend $10-$12 on a 5 pack of underwear if you don't have to! Luke outgrew his first pack of underwear within 3 weeks, and we had to go out and find some larger ones. When you find two or three packs on the clearance rack at a store in your child's size, let them pick out their favorite pack. Luke loves that! Sometimes, you can find good deals on ebay as well. So, good luck with the potty training, and remember, this is just another baby step, like learning to walk and learning to talk. They'll figure it out before you know it!


Inexpensive, Good Quality Makeup

If you're a mom, then you know that money you used to spend on things like makeup, go towards diapers, baby food, and other child necessities now. That doesn't mean that you have to give up your love of makeup! You just need to find a cheaper alternative to that great MAC eyeshadow. Well, if you've never checked out E.L.F. Cosmetics, you need to...now! E.L.F. stands for eyes, lips, face, and they have amazing quality for the price! You can purchase them directly from the website, or from Target. I've also heard that some Kmart stores carry their products, but I don't have any Kmart's near me to confirm that. Sorry that this post is so long. I didn't plan on that, I just wanted to include everything I could.

They offer three brands of cosmetics:

Studio - This is the highest cost cosmetics that they offer. The majority of single products in the Studio line is $5, which is still a steal.

Mineral - This is the neutral cost cosmetics. Most of the single products in the Mineral line are $3.

Essential - This is the cheapest line of cosmetics that E.L.F. offers. There are some great products in this line and they are mostly only $1 for single items. How awesome is that?

Now I'm going to go over some of my favorites from each line.

Things I Have and Love
Studio Cream Eyeliner ($3)

Studio Line:

Cream Eyeliner - This eyeliner is amazing! You can use it to create thin or thick lines and it lasts for hours. It comes with a slanted eyeliner brush, but I prefer the Small Angled Brush. It works fine, I'm just used to the Small Angled Brush. This is available in 11 different shades.

Studio Blush ($3)

Blush - This stuff is great! I was never really a huge blush fan, until my mom gave me one of these and told me to try it. Oh my gosh, I love my blush now. This blush has great pigmentation and is easy to blend, so you don't look like a porcelain doll. It's available in 11 different shades, from coral colors, to rosy colors, to pinks. My favorite is Mellow Mauve. It looks great on brunettes, which I am. I use the Studio Blush Brush to apply this blush, and it works great.

Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15 ($3)

Conditioning Lip Balm SPF 15 - This stuff wears like a lipstick. It is so pigmented and wears great all day. It also has the SPF, which is great if your in the sun at all during the day. I love the Nice & Natural color, because it just accentuates the natural color of your lips, but the Blissful Berry is also very pretty. It comes in 5 different shades, and a nice little pot, so it's easy to take with you.

I know a lot of women are very picky about the brushes they use to apply their makeup. I never really had a great deal of extra money to spend on brushes, so it's not like I could go out and buy a $25 Sigma brush, but now that I've found some great E.L.F. brushes, I'm never trying anything else that costs more than $3. Lol...

Small Angled Brush ($3)

Small Angled Brush - This is the brush I mentioned that I use for the Cream Eyeliner. It works great at making thin or thick lines and it's easier for me to use then the brush that comes with the eyeliner, since the handle is longer. I feel like I have more control over it.

Blush Brush ($3)

Blush Brush - Let me tell you, if you don't have a good quality blush brush, then your blush is never going to look the way you want it to. This blush brush works great for me, and does a great job blending.

Complexion Brush ($3)

Complexion Brush - This brush is a favorite of mine for bronzers, and blending all of my powders. I know a lot of people use this for applying their blush, but I'd rather use my blush brush for that. This does work great for blending though.

Powder Brush ($3)

Powder Brush - I have tried all different brushes for my mineral powder foundation, and this is the best brush I have found to work as well as I want it to. Kabuki brushes are super awkward for me, so I need that longer handle to work with. This brush does the trick. It works great.

Mineral Line:

I've only ever tried one item from the Mineral line, but it is definitely worth mentioning if you struggle with breakouts.

2-Piece Blemish Set ($5)

2-Piece Blemish Set - This set is amazing! You can use it as a blemish concealer, and as a daily or nightly cleansing routine. I use it as a concealer, and after I've washed my face at night, I use it on my blemishes. It works great at concealing any imperfections. It also comes with the concealer brush. The powder is translucent, so it's great for all skin tones. It's actually on sale right now for 25% off, so instead of $5 it's $3.75.

Essential Line:

Eyelid Primer ($1)

Eyelid Primer - If you've never used an eye shadow primer, and always have trouble with creasing or your eye shadow wearing off throughout the day, you need to try this. For only $1 this stuff works! Not only does a little bit go a long way, it makes your eye shadow last a good 6-8 hours, and it makes your eye shadow colors more intense. It's great. It's available in 4 different shades as well. The Studio line also makes a primer, but this one works for me, so I'll save the $2 and stick to this.

Bronzer with Brush ($1)

Bronzer with Brush - I am not a die hard bronzer girl, but every once in a while, when I want that glow, I'll use it, and for the price of bronzers these days, this $1 bronzer won't break the bank. I use the shade Glow, which is the lightest of the 4 shades available. I don't use the brush that comes with it though. I use my Studio Line Complexion Brush, and it works great.

Luscious Liquid Lipstick ($1)

Luscious Liquid Lipstick - I am a fan of lipsticks that look like glosses, and that is exactly what this is. It wears like a lipstick (great staying power), but looks like a gloss. It has a twist up foam applicator. My favorite shade is Maple Sugar. It comes in 11 different shades, and it's only $1, so you can buy a few and decide which you like best.

Mechanical Eyelash Curler ($1)

Mechanical Eyelash Curler - This little tool is much different than the ones you can buy at the drugstore for under a few bucks. This one has a much wider eyelash shaft and the rubber pads are made out of silicone so they are much more comfortable. Also, I have never accidentally pinched my skin using this one, unlike the cheapo ones from the drugstore. The handle also has this extra finger rest, which helps to give you more control when curling.

Eye Shadow Brush ($1)

Eye Shadow Brush - This is my number one E.L.F. product ever! I have tried so many different eye shadow brushes, and none can compare to this $1 baby. It does exactly what it is made to do, and does it good! I have read so many reviews of this brush being compared to $15-$25 brushes, so I made sure I bought 5 of them in case they decided to discontinue them or increase the price. They are amazing! A lot of people who have tried the $3 Studio Line Eye Shadow Brush, still prefer the $1 Essential Eye Shadow Brush. Yeah, the Studio Line brushes are prettier and sleeker looking, but the Essential Eye Shadow Brush functions just as good! If you do not have this brush, go get it now!

Just because your a mom, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice beauty for you kids all the time. And with these  prices, is doesn't hurt to splurge every once in a while. :-)

* Remember to shop through your Ebates account, to earn 5.5% cash back.


Enter to win The Hot Fluff Cool Baby Giveaway!

Right now, there is a great giveaway going on for those that are interested in getting started in cloth diapering. The Hot Fluff Cool Baby Giveaway which is hosted by Just Add Cloth and sponsored by Greenie Beanie Bottoms, has a prize pack loaded with $300 worth of cloth diapering products to start your own stash! 

The $300 prize pack includes; 10 pocket diapers in winner's choice of colors and closures, two wet bags, 12 cloth wipes, two pairs of baby leg warmers, diaper cream, two diaper covers, and five bamboo terry cloth inserts! 

If  you haven't checked out Just Add Cloth yet, it is a blog following a mother who cloth diapers. She has great blog posts, great advice, and great giveaways! Check her out, and don't forget to subscribe to her blog if you like what you see. Greenie Beanie Bottoms is a blog that follows the Greenie Beanie Bottoms store. They offer modern day cloth diapering products, and accessories. Check them out as well.

The Hot Fluff Cool Baby Giveaway is open from July 16th-31st, so make sure you head over and fill out some entries! Good luck to those who enter!

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