Last Week's Poll Results

Last week, Amy asked "Would you consider yourself more 'natural' or more 'thrifty'?". The poll is closed and the results are in. Here they are...

Would you consider yourself more "natural" or more "thrifty"?

A) Natural
B) Thrifty
C) Both equally
D) Neither

According to our readers, 71% consider themselves C) Both equally natural and thrifty. The rest of our readers consider themselves B) Thrifty.

We also posted this poll on our Facebook page this week, and we got quite a few voters. Three people said they were more natural but VERY thrifty, one person chose natural, four people chose thrifty, and unfortunately we got one vote for neither. :-(

Hopefully through our blog we can change the vote of the person who chose neither. :-)  Look for our new poll coming soon!


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