Who we are and what this blog is about (by Meagan)

Thanks for the great intro Amy!

She is spot on with our view for this blog. We are just two mamas trying to keep life balanced while raising our "babies". As Amy said, we met almost 4 years ago when we were each expecting our first baby. We immediately made a connection, in the sense that we both try to do the best for our children and the best for our families. Both Amy and I are married to two wonderful men. Like Amy said, we aren't making this blog to sugar coat things and act like we have perfect lives, because honestly... no one does. When Amy and I first met, I was a SAHM and Amy was working outside of the home. Now, three years later Amy is a SAHM and I am a full time working mama. Trying to find the right work-life balance is hard. Both Amy and I know what it's like to be home full time with the kids and keeping up with the house. We also know what it's like to juggle a 40 hour work week, childcare, keeping the house clean, and putting dinner on the table. The one thing that Amy and I have found since being new moms-to-be almost 4 years ago, is that being able to talk to other moms and relate to the same experiences, is priceless.

So, we hope that you enjoy our blog! Our intention is that you learn a few things, maybe pick up a new hobby, get some great advice from other moms like you, and make some new friends.


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