Fuzzibunz Cloth Diaper Review

The Fuzzibunz One Size Pocket diaper is the first cloth diaper that I ever purchased. I went to my local Greenberries, because I just happened to have some coupons, and I saw a blue cloth diaper that just looked so cushy and comfy. I had to get it! Luckily, with my coupon I only ended up paying $9.95. From the time I took that diaper home and used it on Luke, I was hooked! It had amazing absorbency and it came with two different inserts (a long for boys and a short for girls). I've even doubled up on them and used both at once. It worked great at bedtime when Luke was going through the stage where he had to go to sleep with water. Well, since that first Fuzzibunz, I've grown my collection considerably. Besides the few dozen pockets I've sewn for the boys myself, the majority of our stash is Fuzzibunz. Jake has some perfect size pockets in medium right now that fit him beautifully, and Luke mainly wears the one size, but we just added a perfect size in large to his collection. Thanks to Amy! She got it and it didn't fit Kainan, so she passed it on to me. I would like to get a few more size large for Luke, since Jake also fits the one size pockets. Anyway, I highly suggest this diaper to anyone that is nervous about cloth diapering. After I wash all of my cloth diapers, I stuff them right away. That way, when I have to change a diaper fast, all I have to do is grab it and go. I have both aplix (Velcro) and snap closure, but the majority of mine are snap. Both of them work just as good though. If this is something you'd be interested in trying out, I know a good portion of the Once Upon a Child stores sell them. Also, you can go to their website and search where to buy them in your area.

Overall, I would personally give this product a 10/10. Mainly because I haven't been able to find any other type of cloth diaper that works well for both of my boys. I'll find something that works great for one, and doesn't for the other. This is the only one that suits all of us. And, Delvin doesn't mind changing these diapers! :-)

**Note: I have not been compensated by Fuzzibunz in any way for the review of this product. This is my personal experience with using these awesome cloth diapers.**


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