Easter "Eve" at Our House

Luke going through his Easter basket.
We decided to celebrate Easter today since Delvin has to work tomorrow. Luke loved the goodies in his basket. Especially his cookies 'n' cream Easter bunny! :-) We also got him a Magna Doodle. I remember my Magna Doodle from when I was a kid. I loved that thing! Obviously Luke takes after me, because he loves his too! He wants to draw on it, just so he can slide the bar at the bottom to erase it. He's so funny! We also got him a Bernstein Bears book since he loves it when we read together, and he loves that show.

Jake playing with his First Book of ABC's.
It was Jake's very first Easter! He had a ball going through his basket. He loved his first book of ABC's that we got him. He is playing with it in the picture to the left. :-) He also got a new teether since he's been going through so many with his first teeth coming in.

Overall, I'm very happy with how excited my boys were today when they saw their Easter baskets! It was a very nice day with my family! :-)


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