Toxic baby shampoo?

I saw this link this morning. I really don't know if it's legitimate or not but either way I am not surprised. I wish people cared more about what they put on their babies. The human body absorbs much of what is put on it and babies have much more sensitive systems and smaller bodies. Here is another link about toxic chemicals in baby products by the Environmental Working Group. I'm not a fan of Johnson's baby products anyway, although I have tried their Naturals line and it isn't bad. I honestly try not to throw my feelings about things on other parents because nothing is more annoying to me than being told that I don't love my kid as much as some other mom does because I do things differently than she does. Vaccinating, breastfeeding, circumcising (etc, etc) debates are not my thing. I can respect any decision that someone has come to in an intelligent way. That being said, I do think this is an important issue and parents should at least educate themselves a little bit about it because so many are unaware of what is really in the products that they use on their kids on a daily basis. The Skin Deep Cosmetics Database is a really great resource for seeing just what is in the products that you use on yourself and your kids. I plan to do a bunch of reviews soon on natural kids products. For now, my recommendation if you want to use something completely natural (especially on a newborn) would be Dr. Bronners mild unscented baby soap. It is completely natural, just like the regular Dr. Bronners soaps but with no essential oils that could be irritating to little babies. Just a little bit goes a long way (you can mix it with water) so it will last for a long time. There are many other products out there that aren't 100% natural but they are close and much safer than what most people use.


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