Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold Review

Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefolds are one of the products that I decided to try while
Amazon had their coupon codes going on. I plan to write up a detailed post about the codes and how they worked at some point. Many moms got free or nearly free diapers and other baby items during these deals.
I will admit that I might not have tried this prefold if I hadn't had a coupon code. Cotton prefolds are typically $1-$3 or so depending on the size. This prefold is $7 and is a blend of hemp and cotton. Hemp is more expensive but many cloth diapering moms prefer it because of it's high absorbency. So here are my thoughts on this prefold:

It is very soft. Thirsties calls this a hemp jersey (hemp and cotton blend) and it is much softer than many other prefolds. It doesn't "quilt up" like a regular cotton prefold but it honestly doesn't need to, because..

It is very absorbent. I was pleasantly surprised. Thirsties claims that this prefold is 25% more absorbent than cotton and it certainly seems to live up to that. They also dry much faster than traditional cotton prefolds.

It is very trim. The trimness is what really sold me on this prefold. Many prefolds can be bulky but this one has absorbency without bulk. This is particularly important for toddlers.

It is available in two sizes. Like all of the other duo products, these prefolds are available in two sizes. The first is for smaller babies, 6-18 pounds. The larger size is for older babies and toddlers, 18-40 pounds. I got this in the size 2 and it fits nicely on my 37 pounder in a Thirsties size large cover. I have also used it tri-folded in a pocket diaper and it works well for that too.

Hemp diapering products are great! Hemp is naturally antimicrobial, which is certainly a good thing when you're talking about something that stays near the butt. This can mean less diaper rash. From an environmental aspect, pesticides are not necessary in the farming of hemp, unless you are buying organic cotton you can be sure that pesticides were used in most cotton products.

Thirsties is made in the USA company. All of Thirsties products are manufactured in Colorado. Buying diapers that are made in the USA is important to a lot of cloth diapering parents. Products that are manufactured here have less far to travel and the workers who make them are much more likely to be treated fairly. Thirsties website states that even their hemp jersey (what this prefold is made out of) is knitted here in the US.

Overall, I absolutely love this product! I would give it a 9/10. The only "bad" thing about this product is the price. Prefolds and covers are usually an inexpensive choice but using this prefold would make it slightly more costly. That being said, ANY hemp product is going to be more expensive due to the regulations placed on them, among other things. I bought two more in Kainan's size after trying this one, I also bought one to try for Mikaela. I wish I would have bought more while I had the coupons. I would recommend this prefold to anyone. I have never tried to use it with a snappi (Kainan is too big, I will try it with Mikaela) but as a tri-folded prefold or a pocket insert it works great.

**Note: I have not been compensated by Thirsties in any way for the review of this product. It is just a product that I love and want to tell other moms about!**


Yvonne said...

Thank you for this review; I'm in the UK and was thinking of buying a couple of these for my baby, due very soon.I think, based on consistently good reviews, I will buy a couple :-)

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