Make Some Extra Money from Home

Have you ever thought about making some extra spending money from home?

There are many SAHM's who actually work from home (WAHM) doing various things. You could do freelance writing, transcription work, manage a website and sell your own creations. Anyway, that is for a different post. This post is just a few ideas as to how you can make some extra spending money from home. My sister works a full time job, but spends her lunch break completing surveys. Just an hour a day, Monday through Friday makes her enough money to cover her groceries each month. There are a lot of ways to make extra spending money from home. I was a WAHM for over 3 years. I know the legitimate companies and the scammers. I will never advertise a company or business that I haven't personally used myself. So, here are a few ways to make your wallets a little fluffier.

Online Surveys:
These are companies that pay you for your feedback. Once you set up your account, you'll have access to various profile surveys. After you've filled out your profile surveys, you'll be invited to participate in surveys that fit your criteria. Once you complete a survey, you'll either receive a dollar amount or points towards cashing out, into your account.
1) Paid Viewpoint
2) Opinion Outpost
3) i-Say

Viewing Ads:
These are sites that pay you to view advertisements. It's a way for smaller companies to get their brand out to the public. Some of these sites send emails for you to view, and others have you go to their site, login, and view the ads. Either way, your still getting paid for a few seconds worth of viewing.
1) Clixsense
2) Hits4Pay

These are sites that you can earn money or points to put towards cashing out by doing various activities. You can earn by playing games, searching the Internet, viewing ads, completing surveys, and even shopping.
1) Swagbucks
2) Inboxdollars
3) MyPoints


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