Easter eggs, wool & castor oil

Interesting title, isn't it? I had every intention today of doing a detailed post about the cleaners that I use and recipes to make your own. I think I am going to do that tomorrow. :) I didn't have a particular exciting day but it was fairly busy. Kainan got his Easter basket this morning and we also went on an Easter egg hunt. He really seemed to enjoy it. He is getting old enough to enjoy holidays and it's so much fun. When we got home I saw that my dryer ball supplies had arrived, so I spent a good amount of time working on dryer balls today. I am hoping to finish my first "batch" and get some pictures up soon. I decided to do a giveaway once I have 200 fans on my facebook page so if you are not a fan please "like" this page for a chance to win some free wool dryer balls! On a different note, I also decided to attempt Castor oil for a natural labor induction. I'm very aware that it doesn't always work and can have some nasty side effects, but my OB did say it was okay to try and I happened to have some (for making bath and body products) so I tried it. I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't as gross to drink as everyone makes it out to be. It's been 5 hours and nothing.. I mean nothing. No baby, no negative "side effects." If I am lucky my next post will be announcing the arrival of this baby, if not, I'll do a nice post about making your own cleaning products. :)


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