Uses for Organic Coconut Oil

Organic coconut oil can be used for so many things besides cooking. I keep a jar around the house and use it every day. You can buy it on Amazon and just one of those tubs lasts a LONG time. I also found a tub on the clearance aisle at Walmart but that was a one-time thing. These are some of the things that I personally use coconut oil for.

As a face moisturizer: I don't even use a regular moisturizer, I just use coconut oil. I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to my appearance, but this works really well for me.

Instead of lotion for kids: If you have kids with sensitive skin (I do) lots of things make them break out. Organic coconut oil works really nicely as a "lotion" for kids, and it smells nice too.

For diaper rash: If your kids have a mild diaper rash, organic coconut oil can help or keep diaper rash away. It is also cloth diaper safe whereas many diaper rash creams aren't.

For hair: Coconut oil is an awesome hair conditioner. I don't use it often because I think it feels pretty gross putting it in, but it definitely does work.

These are just a few of the uses for organic coconut oil. It is fairly cheap, eco-friendly, lasts forever, has multiple uses, and you can use Amazon gift cards from Swagbucks to buy it!


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