Wooling Around Wool Dryer Balls Review

My beautiful green and purple dryer
balls Amy made for me.
I don't know about you, but I was so sick and tired of buying boxes of dryer sheets every month. I would rip them in half to make them last, but I still felt like I was spending too much money on them each month. I've never used liquid fabric softener, and I never wanted to start. I've heard too many horror stories of the liquid fabric softener leaving streaks on the clothes. So, when Amy started Wooling Around, I was really interested in learning more about them. When Amy told me they could last anywhere from 3-6 years, that was all I needed to hear. Anyway, I ordered 4 dryer balls from Amy in the beginning of April, and she sent them to me within a week of ordering. I loved the way they looked right out of the box, but I wanted to see how well they worked. I thought the concept was awesome! So, I spent the whole weekend doing laundry, just so I could use my new dryer balls. Don't you hate when you wash bed sheets, and you take them out of the dryer, and they're in a ball? And of course, the insides are still wet! Not anymore! These dryer balls have just enough weight to them to constantly keep the fabric separated in the dryer. It only took my sheets 35 minutes to dry! It was amazing! I have an old piece of crap washer and dryer, so 35 minutes is awesome! It used to take an hour to an hour and a half. Someone who bought dryer balls from Amy a while back told her that the dryer balls cut her drying time in half. So, I tested this theory. I used to set my dryer to 70 minutes. Now, I set it at 35 minutes, and sure enough.... practically everything I put in there is dry within that time frame! My wool dryer balls are working wonders, and I love not having to buy dryer sheets anymore! I love them so much, I ordered four more from her to make for my sister for her birthday. I figure...why not spread the love? :-)

If you don't understand the concept, or think the benefit isn't worth it, just check out this post.

I was thinking of giving this product a 9/10. The only downside to them, is that they are so pretty and colorful, my son loves to play with them, and all four of them don't always make they're way back to the dryer! So, I guess technically they would get a 10/10, since being pretty shouldn't be a fault! :-)

**Note: I have not been compensated by Wooling Around in any way for the review of this product. This is my personal experience with using these amazing wool dryer balls.**


Stay-At-Home-Momologues said...

I love those dryer balls too! Did you know I was doing a giveaway for a pair of Amy's balls?


I'm sure you can enter if you want to! =)

Amy and Meagan said...

Yeah it would be totally fair for Meagan to enter! Because the giveaway is connected to Wooling Around and not this blog. :)


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