Thrifty and easy floor cleaner

I know that I have been horrible about keeping up with the blog lately. Having a newborn is definitely a lot of work! Fortunately she is a great baby and her big brother is great with her as well. I still find it difficult to keep up with everything that I am used to doing on top of taking care of two kids. Kainan's birthday party is today and I'm still scrambling to get the house clean. I mixed together this floor cleaner last night and it worked so well that I wanted to share it!

Fill up a sink or bucket with very hot water, add a few squirts of Method dilutable cleaner. Method has cleaners that are specifically for floors but they are $6.49 and this one is $3.99. It's very thrifty because I bought this well over a year ago and still have more than 3/4 left. Then pour in a couple of cups of vinegar (I didn't measure.) Mop floors. :) I used a Libman wonder mop that I bought because you could wash it. I love that it's reusable but it's a really horrible mop. This makes a really awesome floor cleaner for linoleum and tile. I know that I have raved about Method cleaners before but they really are great. Sometimes natural cleaners just don't work as well but this is not the case for all of the Method products that I have used.


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