New Year, New "Naturally Thrifty Moms"

As you can see, we've totally redone the site for the new year. We wanted something that was a little more user friendly, and appealing to our awesome followers!

As for the site, we have a lot of great ideas for the year to come, and we hope you enjoy reading, viewing and commenting on it all. We will be posting some new topics on a weekly basis.

Meal Planning Mondays - We will be posting weekly menus and tips on meal planning to save you money, time, and frustration. Every Monday morning, Meagan's weekly menu will be up on the site.

Cloth Diapering Tuesdays - We will be posting everything and anything related to cloth diapers. We know you love your cloth, so look forward to reading reviews and tips, and watching videos all about cloth diapering.

Wednesday Deal of the Day - We will be posting awesome deals that we find throughout the week.

Toss Up Thursday - This is toss up day. You might see something related to fitness, saving money, DIY home projects, parenting, product reviews, or anything else.

Photo Friday - This could consist of photography tutorials, tips on taking good pictures, or just random cute pictures!

Cleaning Saturday - We are going to focus on cleaning one area of the house. If you keep up with this every week, along with us, your house will be spotless in no time.

Organizing Sunday - After we clean up an area of our house, we'll work on organizing; because if you clean and have no form of organization, then your house will not stay pretty!

Hopefully, between our daily and weekly posts, everyone will find something useful and relevant to them. If there is anything that you'd like to see that we don't already have, or something that you'd like to see more of, feel free to let us know!

We hope you all enjoy the new Naturally Thrifty Moms!! :-)

Naturally Thrifty Moms


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