Does it pay to shop online?

My friends and family always ask me, "How do you find all of these great deals?". Well, I don't spend hours every day scouring the internet for awesome deals. I do however go to a few specific websites every day to see what they have to offer. A lot of times, I don't find anything that I really need or could even use. Of course, if it's an amazing deal, I normally share it with you all. Though, sometimes I will find an awesome deal for myself, my husband, or the boys' and won't even hesitate to purchase it.

My very first interaction with daily deal sites, was with MyHabit. In fact, I found the link on another blog. It was for a huge sale on baby and toddler boys' clothes. It was about a month before Luke's 3rd birthday, and I found a pair of shorts on sale for $1.99! They were having a free shipping deal, so I ended up getting two pairs of shorts and a shirt for less than $6...shipped to my front door! I was hooked! I couldn't believe you could find such great deals online. In fact, I assumed that shopping online was a waste of money if you had a car, because your paying for shipping which is always more expensive than the gas it takes to drive to the store. Boy was I wrong!

So, every day I check out my top five deal sites. I have personally purchased from each of these sites, and they each have pluses and minuses. They are in no particular order.

* No More Rack - This site has a wide array of deals from home goods to jewelry. I purchased quite a few Christmas gifts from this site last year. I got some great deals, and was really happy with the quality of items I received. I think this site has some of the cheapest deals I've found online, ever.

* 1 Sale A Day - This site has five great deals every day. One main deal, one wireless deal, one family deal, one watch deal, and one jewelry deal. I purchased a pair of earrings here earlier this year, and they were decent quality for the price. The best thing about 1 Sale A Day is their electronics. They always have awesome deals on tablets, laptops, GPS, etc. If you're looking for electronics, always check here first.

* MyHabit - This site is my go to for children's clothes and shoes. I always check here if the boys need something. Ever since my first transaction, I've been hooked. The great thing about this site, is that the deals normally last three days instead of just one. But, a lot of times, the items sell out before the deal ends. The clothes I've purchased from this site have always been great quality and great prices!

* Hautelook - If you're into high end fashion, this is the site for you. They always have designer brands as their deals for a fraction of the price. They also have one 'Deal of the Day' every day, and it's always a pretty great deal. If you have champagne taste on a beer budget, look no further! You have to check out Hautelook. They have five categories; women, beauty, home, kids, and men. They always have deals or what they call 'events' for every category, so check them out.

* Zulily - This deal site is all about moms, babies, and kids. They have some great deals on clothes, shoes, toys, books, and more. If your looking for all things baby, this is the deal site for you. They have numerous deals per day and the deals last a few days. You can also earn cash back when you shop through Ebates. I just bought a new pair of heels from Zulily last week, and earn a few bucks for my purchase.

* Ebates - If you do any online shopping, check Ebates first to see if you can receive cash back for your purchases. I've received cash back through Zulily, Walmart, Target, and The Children's Place just this summer. The money adds up pretty quickly. Besides, if your going to do the shopping online anyway, why not get cash back for doing it? You can read my full post titled All About Ebates here.

If you have any other sites that you think I should look into, let me know in the comments and I'll check them out!


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