Amazing New Survey Site

I must say, I haven't found one survey site quite like this... until now! Paid Viewpoint is an awesome new survey site I found that absolutely, positively only sends you invitations to surveys that you are already qualified for. Meaning, you receive an email to participate in a survey, you click the link, complete the survey, and you get your money. They have NEVER sent me a survey that I wasn't qualified for and ultimately paid for! This is awesome! I have used them for over a week now, and they are great. They pride themselves in not wasting peoples time by sending them a survey they don't qualify for. You can even earn up to $1.21 just by signing up and filling out your profile to customize the surveys sent your way. I literally earned my first $2.41 in less than 10 minutes from this survey site! I had a feeling this survey site was going to be a good one, so I took a screenshot of my earnings, just minutes after registering with them. Here it is: 

You can cash out once you have $15 in your account. You have to check them out! I normally get between 1-2 surveys a day. Each survey takes about 1-2 minutes to take. Honestly, 1-2 minutes. This is not a get rich quick deal, by any means, but it's an easy way to make a few dollars each month. The surveys are actually fun to. Each question is multiple choice, and all of the questions pertain to you! If you are interested in this great survey site, you can sign up here.


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