U-Haul Truck Rental Review

I just received an e-mail from U-Haul asking me to rate my recent truck rental. As Meagan mentioned, I recently moved (last weekend) and I used U-Haul. The reason that  I chose U-Haul was because it was  the only moving company that offered a pick-up in my area. Or so I thought.. I went online and reserved my rental on a  Tuesday evening. I thought that reserving on Tuesday would ensure that the truck I needed would be at my location on Saturday. I received a call Friday evening (at about 3:30PM) from a U-Haul representative telling me that not only was the truck I reserved not available at my location, but there were NO trucks available at my location!! I honestly thought that was WHY I reserved early. I asked her what I could do, she told me I could drive 65 miles away and pickup my truck. Or 80+ miles, those were my only options. At that point it was Friday evening, I had a doctors appointment, and there was no way to reserve another truck to move on Saturday. I had no choice.

The move went fine, other than the fact that I had to spend three hours picking up a truck on Saturday. I worked all week so I had intended to spend those three hours to finish packing. I was given an extra 75 miles, and an extra 24 hours. That was nice.. but I still had to pay for the 65+ miles in gas out of pocket. If you've ever rented a truck, you know that gas really adds up. I'm not at all happy with my experience. I wouldn't recommend U-Haul to anyone. The staff was pretty friendly, the truck was fine (kind of, the A/C was a little funky) but what does that matter when you can't have the rental that you reserved?? I don't recommend U-Haul. I know that Meagan used Penske when she moved and had no problems. Considering U-Haul is one of the more expensive moving companies, they really aren't worth the extra cost and hassle. I wrote a negative review, and I doubt anything will come of it. I just hope that someone will read this and skip U-Haul entirely.



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