DIY: How to make a Valentine's Day wreath

I saw this post on Pinterest about how to make a Valentine's day wreath. Now I will warn you that I didn't follow the tutorial, just kind of winged it, but I will give you the original site just at the end of the post, in case you are a rules following kind of person. :)

Materials needed:

Foam wreath form (OR.. do what I did, use pipe insulation. It costs $3 for 4, vs. $4 for 1)
Felt pieces ($.23 at Walmart, you will need 2-3)

How to make it:

Wrap wreath form or pipe insulation in yarn. If you are using the pipe insulation it is easier to wrap before you make it into a circle. Pipe insulation can be found at Wal-Mart in the area where are all weatherizing stuff is, or you should be able to find single pieces at Home Depot or Lowes. I have three extras, so I plan to make wreaths for Easter, Halloween, and Christmas too. Now, cut the hearts out of the felt pieces. I didn't use a pattern. I used a little bit of mod podge to help the felt stick to the yarn. A word of advice.. if you have a hot glue gun, use it. :) I used duct tape and mod podge in several places where it would have been better to use a hot glue gun, I need to buy one. Use some of the leftover yarn to make kind of an argyle shape over the hearts. Secure the end pieces with a hot glue gun (or tie them down.) Hang with a ribbon and you are done! I should have made a prettier bow, but I was feeling pretty sick by the time I was finished.

This would be a really good craft for kids too, especially older kids! My total cost was around $10, but I had to buy the yarn (and the only grey yarn they had was HUGE) and felt pieces. If you have felt scraps or yarn laying around your house, it would be very inexpensive. I hope you enjoy making this!


This is the link to the post that was on Pinterest.


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