Bumstoppers One-Size Cloth Diaper Review

Two of my custom size large all-in-two's from Bumstoppers
Tuesdays are all about cloth diapers! Everyone who has been on this blog before knows that I love cloth diapers. I will be writing reviews or giving some of my own tips and tricks every Tuesday.  I am excited to kick-off Cloth Diaper Tuesday (wow, we need a better name) with a review of my FAVORITE diaper!

I met Becky, the genius behind Bumstoppers, when I was pregnant with Mikaela. She was pregnant with her current youngest at the same time. I wanted to try Bumstoppers diapers for a long time, and I am glad that I finally did. I thought they were a little bit pricey, but I discovered they had a very good reason! I have been using Bumstoppers for a few months now and they are my absolute favorite diapers. Why? Because they are the best!!

There are many different Bumstoppers products, but she typically stocks hybrid fitted one-size and newborn diapers. I have a few different Bumstoppers products, including one size hybrid fitteds, one size AI2s, large hybird fitteds, and large AI2s. I also have some newborns on the way, but I can't tell you much about those, YET. ;)

Bumstoppers diapers have the best fabric options. You could probably spend hours drooling over it (if you are a fabric-drooling kind of person, as I am.) You might have to snag a custom spot to get your favorite print, but they are well worth it. Several of my diapers were customs, including those pictured at the top. (Picture is courtesy of Bumstoppers, my diapers are scattered all over the house at the moment.)

Cloth diapering is a great way to save money, but the upfront cost of diapers are always expensive. Bumstoppers diapers start around $21.95 for sized, $23.95 for one size and $13.95 for newborns. Some of the diapers might cost more due to a more expensive fabric. This is pretty average pricing for quality work-at-home-mom diapers. Yes, they are more expensive than cheap China diapers, but they are better. You are also supporting a made in the USA product, and a mom! It's really a win-win. On top of that, these diapers last a lot longer and honestly just work a lot better.

What is a hybrid fitted? Fitted diapers require covers. Hybrid fitted diapers have a hidden layer of fleece which offers more protection. I typically do not use a cover on Miki when she is running around the house. I will use a PUL cover or wool longies when she takes a nap, otherwise I have found that a hybrid fitted works just as well as any diaper with PUL. I have used several other brands of fitted diapers and I can honestly say that none of them match up to the quality of Bumstoppers, even some of the more trendy and expensive brands.

I prefer the hybrid fitted over the all-in-two, just for the "squishy" factor, but I have a pretty even amount of each kind. I should also mention that Bumstoppers has an "Affordabum" line, with some less expensive diapers. I haven't used any of these myself, but I have heard good things about them! One last thing that I LOVE about Bumstoppers one-size diapers are the crazy size range. I have seen pictures of a one-size diaper on babies as young as a few weeks. Most one-size diapers gape at the legs with smaller babies. The design of the one-size diaper really allows for growing room too. I put Kainan in one of Miki's diapers (for measuring purposes, he is potty trained) and at forty five pounds they actually almost fit! They were just a tad snug in the front, his butt was completely covered. I would say that they easily would fit most children until 40 pounds.

If you are looking for high quality adorable diapers, Bumstoppers are the way to go. I would give Bumstoppers diapers a 10/10 for their high quality, cute prints, and excellent fit. You should definitely try one! Want to buy one? Go here! I will post some "action shots" of Miki in her Bumstoppers diapers very soon, she is at Nana's house today!


 Note: This is my personal opinion about my use with these diapers, I have not been compensated by Bumstoppers in any way! I bought these diapers at full price (or on sale, you know me) without anyone having the knowledge that I would be doing a review!


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