Walgreens Coupon Trip - July 2nd

This is my couponing "loot" for the day.  I use coupons from time to time but have never really put much effort into it. Going to Walgreens or any other drugstore on a Saturday (last day of the week for their ads) is never a good idea but I ended up getting all but 3 things from my list. I don't have an exact amount for what everything was but here is a general idea:

(2) Tylenol Precise $8 regular price - $3 Walgreens Coupon - $5 Manufactures coupon = FREE!
(1) Reach toothbrush $3 sale price - $1 coupon + 2 RR = $2 spent, 2 RR received
(3) Colgate Toothpaste $1 sale price - .75 coupons = .75 for all 3!
(4) Pringles Super Stacks $6/4 sale price - $1 coupon + 2 RR = $5 for 4 plus 2RR
(2) Twizzlers $2/3 sale price + 1 RR = $3 spent plus 1RR

I meant to get some Dove products at Walgreens but they were out of what I wanted. We went to Wal-Mart for a different reason but we noticed the Deodorants were buy one get one free (2 in one package for the price of 1) so the $2 coupon that I had ended up being an even better deal!

(2) Dove Mens Deodorant (2 packs) $3.79 regular price - $2 coupon = $3.58 for FOUR.
(2) Dove Mens Body Wash (plus free gift!) $3.79 regular price - B1G1 coupon = $3.97 for two plus bonus

All in all it was a good day. I ended up spending about $16 at Walgreens and coming home with 5 in Register Rewards for next week. So I basically spent $11 for $35(ish) worth of stuff. For those who aren't "couponers" Register Rewards print out for certain items at Walgreens. They are like a gift card to use on your NEXT Walgreens purchase. I also spent just under $8 at Wal-Mart for for $22.74 worth of stuff. I had intended to buy the Dove products at Walgreens for even more Register Rewards but those who shop on Saturday can't be picky. :) I found another coupon for $2 off deodorant (I knew I had one more!) so I will go back and get another 2 pack for $1.79 tomorrow. I also meant to buy the Dove Men's bar soap but Josh doesn't like bar soap so I am giving those coupons ($4 off!) to my mom.


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