Eight Weeks to a Cloth Diapering Stash at $20 per week - Week Two

My apologies that it took so long for me to get around to week two, I've been pretty busy lately! If you missed week one make sure to check it out and keep an eye out for the next 6 installments! This isn't an exact guide, it is just to show people that cloth diapering CAN be affordable. I just want to show everyone that it is possible to build a cloth diaper stash simply by using the money that would have been spent on disposables.

Kawaii diaper
So it's a new week and you have the $20 to spend that you normally would be spending on disposables (remember we are estimating.) Maybe you're sick of using your receiving blanket "flats" or maybe you actually liked them. Either way you will be buying some "fancy" diapers this week. I laugh when people refer to pockets or AIOs (all in ones) as "fancy" because they are actually really simple! If you've ever seen pocket diapers from brands like Happy Heinys you may wonder how you could possibly afford them. Happy Heinys are GREAT diapers (I have several.) I normally would recommend a brand like them or Thirsties because they are made in the US. However there are cheaper diapers to be found. You will have several options this week as far as which pocket diapers to buy, you will end up with at least two diapers but hopefully three or four.

Option one: Sunbaby Diapers on eBay. Do a search for Sunbaby diapers and lots of listings will come up. These are primarily sold on eBay and they are NEW. These diapers are made in China but they are a very good diaper for the price. You should be able to get three of these with your $20. If you find some that are pre-owned you may be able to get four.

Option two: Kawaii diapers. You should be able to get 2-4 Kawaii diapers for this price. Another "made in China" diaper but also good for the price. Like Sunbaby they are one-size pockets meaning they will fit your baby as long as it is under 35 pounds. Kawaii diapers have a website or you can check out option three.

Option three: Diapperswappers will have pre-owned and new diapers including Kawaii and Sunbaby in their FSOT (for sale or trade) forums. As I have mentioned before there can be a LOT of drama on this message board but it is still very good for buying or selling diapers. You should easily be able to get 3 diapers if not 4 for your $20 if you buy pre-owned. Scan the "Pockets" section for Kawaii and Sunbaby. You should also be on the look out for older style Fuzzibunz or bumGenius diapers as they often sell pretty cheap. While you are there you should definitely check out the FFS section (free for shipping.) Some of the FFS diapers are in rough shape but sometimes you'll be able to find some really nice diapers and you only have to pay shipping. Also check out the "Lottos" which are found as a subforum in the FFS forum. Many sellers who offer FFS lottos want them to go to those who truly need them, so if this applies to you definitely check it out.

Option four: Check out cottonbabies.com clearance. They often have AIOs or pockets for about $10. You would only be able to get two, but the shipping is free and these are new diapers (sometimes seconds.)

Once you have your diapers you can use them for going out. 2-4 should be plenty for an outing that lasts several hours. Continue to use your covers/"flats" at home. Next week you will be getting more pockets and soon after you will be getting a wetbag and other supplies that you need. Continue to wash with regular detergent and don't forget to skip softeners/bleach/dryer sheets. If you have questions regarding this post or anything related to cloth diapering send us an e-mail or comment here, we'd be happy to help!


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