Eight Weeks to a Cloth Diapering Stash at $20 per week - Week Three

First make sure to check out week 1 and week 2 so that you know what is going on! I am showing you how it is possible to cloth diaper using only the money you would usually spend on disposables. There are many ways to do this and I will show you some examples!

Week three:
Week three will be fairly easy. The first thing you will want to do is buy some wet bags. Wet bags are great for when you go out with your diapers. They also work for baby clothes that have gotten dirty or other things. This two pack from Kushies sells on Amazon for about $11. Make sure you are signed up for Amazon mom (it's free!) for 2 day free shipping. These wet bags work great, I have four of them myself. However they are not "large" even though they say they are. Each one will hold 5-6 diapers or 3-4 bigger diapers. They do work great for diaper bags even with the drawstring closure. You can also use them at home since you will be washing every day for a while. Use the remaining $9 to buy one or two more diapers. Again try eBay, cottonbabies clearance (free shipping) or diapperswappers. Check out week 2 for recommendations on brands and what to look for on eBay or diapperswappers.

Continue using your "flats" and covers when you need to and using your pockets or AIOs for outings and at night. If you need a little extra absorbency (especially at night) there are lots of things you can use. T-shirt material can be folded into a pocket or just stuck inside of a cover for extra absorbency.  By now you should be getting the hang of what works for you and what you like and what you don't. Stick with it, sometimes cloth diapering is hard at first but once you figure it all out you will probably before it to disposables (I know I do anyway!)


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