Step 1: Where do I get all of these coupons?

In this step, we are going to discuss how to get your hands on those all too valuable coupons.

1) Newspaper Inserts - The very first place to look for coupons is obviously in the Sunday paper. You can either do this by going to the store and buying the paper every weekend (just make sure the plastic insert is inside your paper before you pay for it), or you can subscribe to the Sunday edition by calling your newspaper or going online. If your a new subscriber, they normally have really good deals on the Sunday edition.

2) Magazines - I subscribe to All You magazine, which you can also buy monthly at Wal-Mart. This particular magazine has a great deal of valuable coupons in every issue.

3) Printable - These are coupons that are available from numerous websites. You have to be very careful with internet coupons though. Some stores do not accept them due to fraud. Check with your stores and make sure they accept them first.

4) Peelie - These are coupons found directly on the package. You don't have to use these at the same time you purchase the product. I suggest peeling these off as you put your items on the belt, or else the cashier will scan it right away.

5) Hangtag - These are coupons or forms found hanging from a tag around the neck of a bottle or jar.

6) Catalina - These are the coupons that are dispensed from the small machine at the register after your purchase. They are only redeemable at the store that it printed at or at stores that accept competitor store coupons.

7) Blinkie - These are the in-store SmartSource coupons that are located in a dispenser near the product, usually from a red blinking box attached to the shelf.

8) Product Packages - Another way to find coupons is to look on the inside of boxes and bags of already purchased, empty items. For example; Jimmy Dean almost always has coupons inside their boxes of breakfast foods.

That is a great start to accumulating your coupons. In the next step we'll discuss how to organize and store your coupon collection.


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