Gluten Free Bagels and Freezer Meals

You want to eat these!
I went to Wal-Mart in a different town today and found GLUTEN-FREE BAGELS! I have been craving bagels since.. um.. always, so this was wonderful news for me. I actually had a regular bagel a few weeks ago and it was NOT worth it. Every now and then I get this genius idea that maybe I can start eating gluten again and I will be fine, it never goes well for me. Anyway, this Wal-Mart didn't have a dry gluten free section (I was looking for granola bars) but oddly enough, they had a small section of gluten free foods in the freezer aisle. Neither Branson Wal-Mart has anything like this, in fact I have never seen one in any Wal-Mart in the area. I don't shop at Wal-Mart very often.. I am hoping it is a new thing and will catch on. The Bagel's are Udi's brand. Udi's also has really yummy cinnamon rolls and double chocolate muffins, but sadly my grocery store rarely has them in stock. If you eat gluten free and can get your hands on some of these bagels, DO IT. I wouldn't call them healthy or cheap, but they are delicious! Udi's website even has a handy dandy store located here, so you can find a location near you that sells their products. Their bread is also pretty good.

I may have eaten four bagels today (yes, four.. don't judge me, there is one left!) but I also did something productive. I have decided to try making crock pot freezer meals. I use my crock pot all the time, but it seems so much easier to spend a couple of hours once a week prepping all of the meals. Some you can cook before hand and just re-heat, but most of what I did isn't cooked yet. This is what I made today:

Chili (cooked in the CrockPot, I will freeze half for later)
Taco meat (browned before freezing, made with home-made taco seasoning)
Hamburgers (not pre-cooked)
Orange Chicken
Brocolli chicken alfredo
Beef Stew
Marinated Steak
Chicken and Steak Farjitas

I will make another post in the next few days with ingredients and recipes. All recipes are gluten free. I am also working on eliminating GMO soy and corn, which means buying organic or non-GMO certified. I need to get some kind of system together, but ideally I would like to do this once a week or every two weeks. I think that the entire prep time took less than two hours. I had to run to the grocery store in the middle of prepping (ran out of freezer bags) so I didn't really time myself. I am pretty bad about following recipes and taking measurements, so I will need to figure all of that out before the next blog post. The only things that I pre-cooked were the chili and taco meat. If you make freezer meals ahead of time, I would love to hear about how you do it! Feel free to leave some recipes in the comments!


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