Organized Space: Bearded dragon cage

Okay truth time, I forgot that it was organized space day. I was starting to fix this disaster when I remembered, so I grabbed my camera. Excuse the crappy pictures, I am tired and didn't feel like editing them. Organizing doesn't always mean spending hours cleaning out a large area, you can still get a small sense of accomplishment from organizing a very small area. Tonight, this area was the top of Oscar's cage. Oscar is a bearded dragon. He belongs to my husband/kids but none of them would think that the mess on the top of his cage was a problem. I don't clean the cage (my husband does, it's his pet) but I knew that if I didn't find a home for the accessories, no one would. All the crap beside his heat lamp was probably a fire hazard too!! Anyway, here is the cage before:

I know it's dark, but see all the crap on top? Food, extra lights, stuff that he coats the crickets in (crickets not pictured, they are in a small cage underneath.)

I cleaned out part of the cabinet for a place to put Oscar's accessories. Don't mind the fish tank, we just moved and it is only their temporary home. 

This is the stuff that was originally in that cabinet. I had an empty drawer, so I put the kids plates and a few cups down here so that Kainan can set the table. The other cups and extra bowls are still in the top cabinet.

I got a bunch of these baskets from the Dollar Tree. They are really great for organizing! I use bins and baskets all over my house because it looks a lot better than just shoving things in a drawer or cabinet. I put everything in the top of the cage in here, except for the lights. Now the food, cricket "treatment," and extra lights are all in one place.

Here is the basket in the cabinet. I really should have taken a picture of the "after" cage, but I forgot. :) So there you have it, just a few minutes and it made a huge difference in my dining room! Yes, the lizard is in the dining room. Not my idea, he was originally downstairs but it is much colder there and he almost died. So dining room it is.



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