Plum District - $50 ecomom.com certificate as low as $10!

Today only, Plum District has a $10 off code (enjoy10) that can be used on any of their deals! One of the deals is $50 of merchandise from ecomom for only $25. After the code the price comes down to $15, however if you have $5 in credit (I believe all new sign ups get this, but I'm not sure) that makes this deal only $10!

Ecomom.com has some really great deals on eco-friendly baby stuff. I checked out some of their deals and you could get two Grovia AIO cloth diapers (normally $22.95 EACH) with this certificate, or you could get three Grovia newborn AIO diapers ($14.95 each.) This is an AWESOME deal for Grovia diapers. I have one of the AIOs myself and it's a really great diaper.  Thanks to Jessica for the heads up that this deal does NOT include cloth diapers or diaper accessories. There are plenty of other things on the site, including lots of clearance items as well as things for older kids and moms. Remember that the $10 discount code is for today only, so you'll want to get this quickly!


Jessica said...

it's a good deal but it says you can't get diapers or diaper accessories with it :(

Amy and Meagan said...

Oh no I didn't see that. :( I didn't buy it myself. It's still a great deal for the other items! Thanks for the heads up!

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